Romolo Depaolis of Romolio

About Romolio

"Romolio Olive Oil", is a family owned business in Paso Robles, Ca. My husband Romolo, was born in Velletri, Italy which is 25 miles, south east pof Rome. His family, has been making extra virgin olive oil there for generations. Now we are carrying on the De Paolis Family tradition here in beautiful Paso Robles. We have a 20 acre Olive Orchard which we have named, "Nostro Destino" (Our Destiny). Perched high on a knoll, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, it's our little bit of Heaven on Earth! Our olive trees are of the Tuscan variety and included in these, are 1000 dwarf "Favalosa" trees, which were developed by a professor at the University of Perugia, Italy. These special dwarf trees, are sold exclusively through "Olivi" Nursery in Napa, Ca.

Our EVOO is a Tuscan Blend and we strive to make oil in it's purest, simplest form, with nothing added, the way it was meant to be enjoyed! We do not have any flavored oils and many times, we are asked why?? The answer is quite simple, we want the pure flavor of our oil to shine through. If flavored oil is what you desire, it is easy to accomplish by adding the flavor to it yourself but why ruin a good thing??