Bob and Virginia Roos of Homestead Olive Ranch

About Homestead Olive Ranch

The Homestead Olive Ranch is a small farm in California's San Luis Obispo County with a small grove of olive trees and spacious vegetable gardens. The olive varieties are mostly Mission with a few Leccino olive trees. These are harvested by hand from late October to early March allowing us to produce several quite different oils. It all depends on the weather but in a good year we will harvest the Leccino olives and a few of the Mission trees in November, sometimes as early as October. That will give us a nice robust Early Harvest Mission oil and a milder Italian style oil. The Early harvest Mission is a really leafy green and grassy oil, loaded with polyphenols, one of the main reasons extra virgin olive oil is so superior to any of the seed oils. This oil stands up to any full-bodied recipe. The Leccino oil is a much more fruity and fragrant oil suitable for the milder recipes. Harvesting the Mission trees later in the season gives us a Late Harvest oil that is typically milder and the flavors more complex and more balanced.

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  • Homestead Olive Ranch oils are found* at these California locations: Atascadero Farmers Market, Wednesdays 3-6 PM, Sunken Gardens, East Mall, Atascadero Templeton Farmers Market, Saturdays 9-12:30 Templeton Park, 6th and Crocker Templeton Natures Touch Nursery and Harvest, 225 S. Main St., Templeton Wild Horse Winery 1437 Wild Horse Winery Ct., Templeton ‚Äč*Not all locations carry all of our oils, contact us to find who has which oil, or better yet, stop at the Atascadero Farmers Market on Wednesday or Saturday, meet Bob and try all of this years oils.
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