The Central Coast Olive Growers Of California

We’re a group of knowledgeable folks and farmers who are here to assist you with growing, county rules and ordinances, the sale of olives and associated olive products, and much more.

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The Central Coast is “Olive Oil Country”

When you think about California’s Central Coast, you probably think “wine country”.  Beginning in 2004, the Central Coast Olive Growers organized to share their passion about and to support the development of the Central Coast’s burgeoning olive growing and olive oil production industry.

The Central Coast climate, topography and soil are ideal for growing olives.  Olive trees thrive in the relatively mild, wet winters, and long hot summers that characterize this part of California. Cooling influences from the Pacific and desert influences from the central valley combine to create the perfect Mediterranean climate for olives.  The region’s topography — including the Santa Lucia coastal mountains, the Templeton gap, and the Salinas river valley — provides mico-climates and diverse terroirs that support many different varieties of olives.  Olive trees are drought-tolerant and therefore a highly sustainable crop for the Central Coast because they require very little or no irrigation.  These excellent growing conditions, micro-climates, sustainability, and the diversity of olive varieties being grown by a large number of farmers make the Central Coast an exciting area for olive growing and olive oil production.

We invite you to experience and learn about Central Coast olive growers and olive oils, and predict that the next time you think about the Central Coast, you’ll think “wine and olive oil country”.

The Central Coast produces some of the best olive oils in the world

Central Coast olive oils are consistently represented among medal winners and those receiving top honors at professionally-judged olive oil competitions — including prestigious international competitions as well as tough competitions limited to California olive oils.


  • We grow many different varieties of olives in our region with ideal growing conditions, which makes for diverse, complex, and outstanding olive oils.
  • Our organization is a learning community that promotes state-of-the-art growing and olive oil production practices and high quality standards.
  • We have passion for what we do.

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